The Power of BNI: Wine & suits

BNI Face isn’t all about referrals and closed business, a big part of this style of networking is finding other members to collaborate with – and the connections aren’t always obvious.

Recently, Ben Hughes (above right) from the Australian Wine and Beer School and Jeremy Daunay (left) from Oscar Hunt Tailors came up with an idea that benefits both businesses.

Oscar Hunt Tailors in York Street in Sydney has a fantastic space with a bar and, every Thursday, Ben opens three fine wines and shares his wealth of wine knowledge with Oscar Hunt’s clients.

“Oscar Hunt Tailors and the AWBS both value quality over quantity,” Jeremy says. “We share the same vision of what a client experience should be, which became obvious through our regular referral requests at BNI Face.”

“I love old-school retail where it’s all about the experience,” Ben adds. “That’s what we do at AWBS, and I immediately knew that Oscar Hunt shared that philosophy.

“Have a look around the room at your BNI meeting and consider if anyone services your target market and if there is a collaboration that can be forged. Two heads are better than one.”

Do you have any clients or friends that appreciate fine wines and immaculate suits? Contact Ben or Jeremy to find out more.


• BNI Face holds breakfast networking meetings every Friday morning at The Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney. Visitors are always welcome and you can book in here.


Words: Connect Content