Promote your business with hampers and reap the rewards

How do you say “Thank You” to your clients, with style, taste and without being blazingly obvious about self-promotion.

Hampers are an age-old solution, but one which has become a commodity of late, with cheap providers, and lacklustre outcomes…..Until NOW….

Hip Hampers – is all about putting “the HIP” back into Hampers.  Bespoke, Beautiful, Tasteful, and a Foodie’s Nirvana.

Hip Hampers is all about promoting Australian food made by boutique producers, assembled in beautiful and unique packaging making them ideal gifts for family, friends and business associates.

Hip hampers are designed for a purpose, whether to accompany cheese, compliment a bbq, making a great breakfast or something sweet for after dinner, the options are limitless.  Let your imagination run wild – and they will do it for you.  Provide the brief, and Hip Hampers will ensure that your customers response is WOW.

When your giving a hamper, Amanda (the owner) really believes it shouldn’t be overly branded by the supplier. Let the hamper speak for itself, and if you are going to send a hamper for your business you definitely shouldn’t be wasting your hard earned dollars advertising another company (for example: sending a David Jones hamper to your client). Your hampers should be branded for you – but subtley or smartly showcasing your edge.

Not all hampers need to be company branded. Amanda often sends hampers for special occasions, birthdays, house-warmings, christenings etc that don’t need to be branded at all. They design hampers that are just right for your business whether you want the subtle approach with just a little ribbon added in your corporate colours & a card with your logo, to incorporating all of your promotional material. A hamper that is not branded for your business is a wasted marketing opportunity.   Promote your business smartly and you will reap the rewards.

Get the edge, Get noticed, Get some style – and use Hip Hampers the next time you want to make someone feel special – whether a client, family or friend.  They will certainly notice the difference

“At Hip Hampers, we work to your brief, through our hampers we create – innovative marketing and branding solutions to suit your business says Amanda Churchill


Amanda Churchill

hip hampers

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