Our Services

The MAP Institute focuses on leadership development both commercially (to grow one’s business) and professionally (to sharpen the business leader’s acumen).

Omar is the Chief Strategy Officer for the MAP Institute.  He has been in business since 1998 operating in the software development space as a business analyst.  His company has provided custom software solutions to both a domestic and international audience, including New Zealand, South-East Asia and Hong Kong.

Omar has had extensive exposure into a variety of industries, including:

  • residential property development
  • legal (property)
  • manufacturing
  • petroleum, and
  • mining

Omar brings his depth of experience in operating small business and a strong network of local and international business associates into the MAP Institute.  He provides a solid, pragmatic approach to drive solutions. His unique talent is to successfully execute strategies by identifying the strengths and needs of all parties involved.  Omar generates win-win scenarios which are beneficial, both economically and culturally and is a vital asset to the MAP Institute.