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Jon launched The Co-Tenancy Company to bring together small and medium-sized businesses who are looking for quality office space. He believes there is a real shortage of office space for 4-20 people business who have outgrown the start-up phase of a serviced office space. With the Co-Tenancy Company, they can enjoy a smart and impressive CBD office building without committing to a long-term lease.

Sharing facilities such as kitchens, reception area, breakout space, boardrooms and meeting rooms, significant savings can be made in monthly rental costs. Each company has a separate ‘Back Office’ where the hard work gets done but share the front office facilities.

Most importantly, Jon’s clients tell him they enjoy the camaraderie of working alongside other firms in different commercial spheres. There has been plenty of cross-referral of business between tenants and their clients, and there are many examples of joining forces for client pitches and entertainment.

“I love seeing my tenants grow, and being able to facilitate that growth with minimum fuss within the Co-Ten environment. The biggest buzz is being a part of that growth by connecting tenants who then do business together.”

Ideal referrals for Jon are small-to-medium-sized professional companies (4-20 people) who are looking for office space in Sydney’s CBD.