Our Services

Dr Xavier knows that everyone has different needs, so he works one-on-one with clients to identify the best solution. At Sydney Wellness Chiropractic, they put the focus on identifying your level of health and the wellness goals you wish to achieve. After a thorough examination of your spine, posture and your areas of concern, you will be given a choice of care options, which range from symptoms corrective and wellness care.

One of the latest styles of Chiropractic is a very gentle technique known as Network Spinal. This technique uses gentle, specific pressure along the spine coupled with breathing exercises and specifically targeted movements. Dr Xavier has been trained in this highly specialised technique, which is ideal for patients who are nervous about the physicality of traditional Chiropractic.

By working cooperatively with your body’s nerve system, Dr Xavier works to help you release, reassemble and re-organise the tensions held in your body. He can also work with any specific conditions or problems that you may have.

“I always say that the posture is the window to the spine, and a healthy spine is a healthy life. I love to align your mind and body to make you feel divine without any aches and pain.”

An ideal referral for Dr Xavier is an office worker in the city who suffers from bad posture, migraine, neck pain, back pain and low energy and wants to find a natural solution to their problem.