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Sam has a simple goal at Moneyclip: to take the stress out of wealth management and lead his clients towards a bright future. He firmly believes that life is for living, but also understands how easy it is to get weighed down by finances and end up in a money mess. Sam prides himself on tailoring advice to a client’s individual needs. Driven solely by their own objectives, Sam will utilise all his knowledge and experience to help plan a solid financial future. From superannuation (including self-managed super) to investment, cash flow and tax effectiveness strategies, Sam is dedicated to examining every suitable option to find the perfect fit for his clients.

“My aim is not only to put my clients on the right path to achieving their financial goals – it’s to unleash their ‘joie de vivre’. I don’t believe it’s possible to truly enjoy life with money worries hanging over you. My job is to remove that worry factor.”

An ideal referral for me is a professional or a business owner who wants to make sure that every aspect of their financial portfolio is pulling in the same direction.