Our Services

With an extensive background in photography and software development, launching a drone aerial photography business was a natural move for Kelvin.

Sky Monkey specialises in taking beautiful aerial photographs and videos using the very latest drone and camera technology.

They conduct the most challenging of industrial inspections via drones, inspecting assets such as high-powered radio antennas, large satellite dishes, mobile phone towers and bridges.

Sky Monkey currently has clients such as RMS (Roads & Maritime Service NSW), Broadcast Australia and Optus. They’re a CASA Licensed and Certified Drone (RPA) Operators, with an extensive coverage of $20M in public liability insurance.

Sky Monkey has recently invested into new cutting-edge drone and camera technology, such as larger “heavy lifter” drones, carrying sophisticated thermal cameras.

“Drones have come a long way, in a very short space of time. Assisting engineers, project managers, asset managers and town planners with difficult access inspections is what we do best. We show clients what’s possible, and how they can perform important maintenance tasks safely and cost effectively.”

Ideal referrals for Kelvin are engineers, asset managers, project managers and town planners within LGA (Local Government Area).