Our Services

After relocating to Sydney from Washington DC, Ben and his wife Christine founded OzBridge Group Pty Ltd ­– a business development company that works with US and European SME’s that have a current or contemplated presence in the Australian marketplace.

OzBridge Group acts as the ‘boots on the ground’ here in Australia for offshore businesses. They strive to provide business development support services throughout the entire sales cycle with a distinct focus on maximising client’s return on investment. Services are tailored through a consultative approach and may include market research, networking, lead generation, sales assistance and customer relationship management.

OzBridge Group provides significant value for offshore SME’s by assessing the viability of a company’s business model, here in the local marketplace, before a sizeable capital investment is made.  Utilising an Australian-based liaison makes conducting business in Australia more efficient from both a time and cost standpoint.

Ben has 15 years of sales experience, including 11 years at JPMorgan Asset Management in New York and Washington, DC, with a primary focus on utilising a consultative sales approach and developing strong relationships with his clients.

Born in Sydney but raised in New York, Ben always dreamed of moving Down Under to start his own business. With a strong passion for the Aussie way of life and an intimate knowledge of the Australian economy, OzBridge Group was created to partner with clients who aim to achieve success in Australia’s sophisticated marketplace.

“I love Australia and want to work with offshore SMEs looking to expand their business, while at the same time, I want to be a part of bringing advanced services and technology to this market.”

An ideal referral for Ben is an offshore business that is contemplating an expansion into the Australian marketplace.