Our Services

Established in 2010 in Melbourne, Oscar Hunt Tailors operates its newest showroom in the heart of the Sydney CBD. This tailoring house uses traditional methods to create your own distinct style. They focus on the relationship between tailor and client, working together to make sure each customer becomes a suit connoisseur in his own right.

Jeremy joined the Sydney team in 2016 as their Business development manager. He fosters great relationships, one quality conversation at a time. Using client centricity as the cornerstone of his approach, Jeremy insists on delivering the same pristine client experience every single time.
Oscar Hunt Tailors focuses on contentment, not just satisfaction. Every part of the business is designed to ensure that clients experience our approach to perfection throughout their fittings and in wearing an Oscar Hunt suit. Their clients quickly learn that Oscar Hunt Tailors never compromise on their approach to style, and that their style is based on classic beauty. The Oscar Hunt team learn from maestros and mavericks, not magazines.

“It is my belief that everyone should have a tailor. And the retail experience is not a tailored experience. Which means the retailers cannot recommend the right things to the client and provide that personal touch. At Oscar Hunt, every step of the client experience is made-to-measure.”

An ideal referral for Jeremy is a gentleman getting married in a few months, a modern man working in a suit every day or someone looking for the perfect fit, whether they need a pair of trousers or a sports jacket.