Our Services

Kevin is the Managing Director of Orbital Solutions, which offers a new, intuitive and simple-to-use technology called JobWatch.

JobWatch is an all-in-one system for planning, managing, scheduling and tracking your mobile workforce and transport operations. It replaces manual planning and paperwork, providing a simple and effective way to keep your office in total sync with your mobile team.

“JobWatch is the revolution your business has been waiting for. Our system will save you hours of office admin work, reduce your fuel usage by up to 15%, increase your job count per driver and decrease the amount of failed jobs.”

Orbital Solutions also offer JourneyWatch, which is a simple to use vehicle tracking product that allows customers to monitor their fleet in real time. The rich user interface includes Google Maps integration, driver timesheets, vehicle checks and driver behaviour monitoring. All of which keeps your fleet as cost-effective as possible.

A perfect referral for Kevin would be trades, engineering and logistics services. Service companies with a fleet of vehicles that are using a paper process, looking to move forward with digital format and want to save costs by creating a more productive mobile workforce.