Our Services

Mary recently opened her own law firm, MTM Legal, after acting as a solicitor and subsequently a director at one of the major NSW personal injury law firms for many years. She is accredited by the NSW Law Society as a specialist in personal injury law, and has represented clients from all over Australia and overseas.

She loves to help people who have suffered injury in a work, car, medical or public place accident to claim compensation for any loss suffered due to their injury. She also does ‘Total and Permanent Disability’ and ‘Income Protection’ claims if, due to injury or illness, a person is unable to work. Most people will have at least one of these policies under their superannuation scheme.

Mary understands that being injured almost always causes financial hardship, so she works hard to calmly ensure cases are resolved as quickly as possible to get people’s lives back on track.

“My clients are often stressed out as they are going through a traumatic time in their lives. They tell me that I make it much easier to deal with everything that’s going on, and that I go above and beyond the call of duty.”

An ideal referral for Mary is anybody who has suffered injury due to another’s negligence.