Our Services

Scott is driven to create a sustainable environment to support the current and future generations where businesses can overcome inefficiencies. Lighting is a great place to start and energy consumption can be easily reduced creating significant operating cost savings. By harnessing solar energy as well, the savings can be up to 90% of your current lighting energy costs and up to 60% reduction of the total business energy use. All of these services can be provided with ‘zero’ up front cost.

Scott initially worked as an electrician but found his way to the IT industry providing state-of-the-art finance and workflow software solutions. After 30 years in the IT industry, Scott has returned to his roots and is now able to leverage his IT knowledge to deliver innovative energy saving lighting solutions.

MatrixLED can assist organisations to save money and improve their working environments, which is achieved through a lighting assessment to determine their specific needs.

“I can help your business reduce energy consumption which improves cash flow for your business and also provide you with access to Government rebates to make lighting upgrades even more affordable.”

MatrixLED’s lighting solutions are supported by the various State Governments Energy Savings Schemes (ESS/VEET) when upgrading from old inefficient lighting. More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of LED lighting, including LED retrofits for their existing commercial premises. In addition to the many benefits of LED lighting offers, businesses are reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally and lowering their electricity bills.

Scott would like to connect with people and businesses that are aiming to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs, helping to create a sustainable future for all Australians.

An ideal referral for Scott is any business or property owner that has not switched to LED lighting or has not installed solar.