Our Services

Ersel’s diverse career has seen him work across corporate and commercial law and criminal litigation with clients ranging in size and complexity. His business experience in retail, hospitality, insurance and telecommunications gives him a unique level of capability and know-how that makes him an invaluable advisor to his clients. Ersel prides himself on his ability to help his clients build their business while taking care of their legal needs.

Ersel heads up Lawthentic, a boutique law firm with a difference which specialises in business and commercial law for industry-leading SMBs.

“We cater to creators, innovators, boundary-pushers and their big ideas. We operate with integrity, honesty and transparency. There are no tricks to our trade, just straight-up good advice and great service. We’re unique and unlawthodox.”

An ideal referral for Ersel is an SMB that pushes the boundaries of their industry and needs legal expertise that’s backed by years of business experience.