Our Services

Davide had a wide and varied career in the corporate world and prior to settling down in Sydney he lived in Venice, Paris, London and Taipei.

He comes from a family of collectors and international dealers of fine art and jewellery and now his focus is back on beautiful, shiny things as a director of Harry Georje Diamonds.

From engagement rings to investment grade diamonds, Harry Georje Diamonds specialise in custom-made jewelry that combine outstanding design and extraordinary value.

Davide is proud to work alongside Harry, a DeBeers award-winning and approved Master Jeweller, a DeBeers approved Diamond Merchant and a GAA Diamond Grader.

Harry Georje Diamonds do not deal with ready-made rings and every piece is hand-designed and hand-made by Harry himself, following the client’s budget and requirements.

Unlike most retailers, Harry Georje Diamonds receive clients in their showroom in Sydney’s CBD by appointment only.

“I’m driven by the pleasure and sheer delight we can give our clients by crafting the perfect piece of jewellry for them. On many occasions, we have brought happiness to entire families with a stunning engagement ring.”

An ideal referral for me is anybody looking to invest in beauty, quality, and value.