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Our Services

Liza Garrido provides an outsourced Human Resources department for companies with teams of 5 or more.

Enigma HR becomes the partner to small business owners, empowering them to achieve business sustainability and growth through developing their people, their processes and the technology they use to manage the human aspects of their business.

“Coming in from the outside, we can give the objective advice that simplifies what appear to be really complex situations. We identify cause and effect and then provide solutions to whatever problems the business has with its people. That covers a full range of policies and procedures for best employment practice starting with hiring, and if it needs to happen, firing.”

With nearly 15 years of experience, Enigma HR has helped businesses with every aspect of human resources management, assisting with recruitment when the business is growing, downsizing when the need arises and helping management get the best from their people in between times.