Our Services

John has been in the finance and banking industry for over 15 years with many senior positions held. It was through his business activities that John met many people who had difficulties with debts and the uncompassionate and often aggressive behaviour of credit providers.

This is where the concept of DebtX was born.

DebtX is Australia’s leading debt mediation company and helps to bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders and provides real solutions to resolve debt issues for its clients. John and his team specialise in dealing with credit providers and helping clients reduce and settle their debts, often saving them thousands of dollars in the process.

Our goal is to put a smile back on our clients’ faces and put money in their pockets. We can often save our clients many thousands of dollars by negotiating their debts and help protect their credit rating at the same time.”

An ideal referral for John is anyone having trouble with their debts and can raise some funds via a loan or help from family or friends to settle their problem accounts. It’s all about saving people money.