Our Services

Peter at the group’s Telecommunications Service Provider has a very clear focus: to make sure that every single customer is a happy customer. His company, Cable & Cloud, provides business grade Voice, Data & Cloud Solutions – for Businesses with 5-50 staff, across Australia.

“I started Cable & Cloud with the clear aim that no-one should ever have a bad story to tell about our products or our service – especially the service. Telcos have such a poor reputation for charging a premium and providing really terrible service that I knew we could do better. And we have. Consistently.”

Peter analyses any new customer’s telecommunication needs, what their current provider gives them and what they charge. Where Cable & Cloud can make a significant saving for the client and provide them substantially better service, Peter will present a compelling proposal.

An ideal referral for Peter is a business in the process of relocating, upsizing, downsizing, or upgrading their current Telco suite, where Cable & Cloud has the ability to offer improvements in their system that will increase productivity while reducing costs.