Our Services

Anthony is the Owner and General Manager of Becker Commercial Services, a mercantile agency established in 1991. His background in law and extensive experience in all facets of debt collection means he is ideally placed to provide clients with advice and representation to recover money owed to them.

From issuing letters of demand through to bankruptcy of individuals and liquidation of companies, Anthony and his experienced collection team use professional debt recovery techniques (within the guidelines of the Privacy Act) with a proven success rate. He prides himself on his professional service and ensures his clients are always his priority.

Anthony holds degrees in Law and International Business and will provide your business with the right advice. He is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales and a committee member of the St George-Sutherland Regional Law Society.

“I work hard to make sure my clients get fairly paid for the work they’ve performed for their customers utilising a proven debt collection process and legal strategy. Having worked as a solicitor, I’m in the unique position of being able to guide my clients with clear and comprehensive advice from the outset. I help them successfully navigate the complex world of debt collection so they can get what is owed to them and their business.”

An ideal referral for Anthony is any business owner, credit manager or accounts receivable officer who needs to pursue their customers for unpaid invoices.