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The core of Ben’s business is “fun, social, education”. So, whether he’s selling beautiful wines or running a wine or Champagne experience, fun, social and education runs through everything AWBS does. 

With over 25 years of wine industry experience and over 35 years of drinking experience, Ben combines a deep wine knowledge with a great understanding of what people want from a wine.

In the corporate market, AWBS runs tailor-made client events and boasts clients that include PWC, NASDAQ, KPMG, Citi Group, Minter Ellison and Macquarie Bank. In the public space, Redballoon customers rate AWBS as a five-star supplier.

Ben doesn’t just want you to enjoy the wine; he wants you to be thrilled by it. So part of the experience of AWBS’s ‘private wine buyers list’ is to offer a multitude of new varieties and styles to try.

“Wine is about three things: the wine, the food you have with that wine and, most importantly, the people you share the wine with. Join me for a glass!”

Referrals Ben is looking for are firstly, people who love wine and want great advice; secondly, companies looking to entertain their clients or staff.