Our Services

Ziad more than a decade of experience building luxury and custom-built homes across Sydney’s suburbs in his capacity of Director of Advanced Building Concepts. Before that, he worked for five years on high-rise building sites in various positions, such as Leading Hand and Site Supervisor, which gave him an all-round understanding of site construction.

Leading a team of experienced Project Managers, Ziad has a reputation for effectively managing building projects from high-rise residential, commercial and luxury apartments to five star hotels, hospitals, schools and car showrooms.

Advanced Building Concepts also specialise in feasibility studies and making informed decisions for clients in property development, property accusation and project management.

“The biggest value we add is getting involved early on with a client to make sure only informed decisions are made to maximise return on investment. We don’t just build homes we build trust.”

Ideal referrals for Ziad are people looking to design and construct both luxury homes and project homes. Also, anyone that has already done DA and CC and are ready to build a home or to invest.