Our Services


Tom has been helping businesses reduce their printing costs for over five years. Giving them more time to focus on their core business. Whether you’re looking to lease, buy or rent a photocopier, Tom can help.

3CPS Photocopier and Printer Suppliers, are an accredited Channel One Partner of OKI Data Australia and service the full range of OKI products Australia-wide.

Offering Managed print services with automated toner and breakdown response. 3CPS ensure the maximum up time for their customers’ printers.

Tom also has a Diploma in Accounting and his extensive corporate experience enables him to analyse the total cost of ownership of his customers print equipment.

3CPS supplies:

  • A3 Colour Photocopiers and Finishers
  • A4 Colour and Mono Multi-Function Devices
  • A3 and A4 Office Printers
  • A3 and A4 Graphic Art Printers
  • Wide Format Graphic Art Printers
  • Wide Format Engineering Printers

“We aim to keep our customers’ printers operational at all times by selecting the right printer for their needs. We ensure our customers never run out of toner and perform maintenance when it’s due and respond within two hours on average if there’s an issue.”

An ideal referral for Tom is a business (large or small) that values their time and would rather not waste it ordering toner, struggling to scan a document or waiting for a technician to repair a copier. Tom is able to save your business on average 30% on your current print costs.

3CPS also supply state-of-the-art Pro Capacitive commercial grade Touchscreens for Boardrooms and Visitor Management.