Join the Group

We welcome applications to join BNI FACE.

Once you have submitted your application, members of the Membership Committee will assess your application and contact you. You may be asked to meet for an interview. These interviews are informal and friendly and they are intended to establish that your business will be a good fit for BNI FACE and that our Referral Partners (members) will be able to support and assist you to grow your business.

To stop any competition for business within the group, please remember that an important difference between BNI and other networking organisations is that we allow only one business from each category in BNI FACE.  This means there can be only one Family Lawyer, one Printer, one Conveyancing Solicitor, one Graphic Designer and so on. If you are unsure whether your category is already represented, please ask us.

Benefits of Membership

You will become part of a powerful group of professionals in a wide range of businesses.

You will refine your ability to communicate what your business offers.

You will have access to thousands of additional contacts.

You will be provided with many opportunities to earn significant additional income for your business.

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