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How much time does poor quality broadband cost your business?

In today’s day and age, it is unacceptable for your business to suffer due to a bad or slow Broadband connection.

How Much Time Do Your Employees Waste at Work due to poor internet?

Recent research undertaken worldwide with around 8,000 participants, show businesses lose an average of 38 hours per year for each office worker due to slow access and downtime.

The days have long passed when the Internet was just used for web surfing and emails. Nowadays, businesses need to be constantly connected to their clients through different media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, so that they can strengthen their brand image and promote their products.  However, staying connected through social media platforms is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Internet actually has to offer. Thanks to the cloud computing and hosted service providers, businesses can now perform a myriad of everyday functions online, including using hosted phone systems.

All this cannot be done without a secure, reliable and, above all, speedy internet connection.

Is your business still struggling on ADSL?

Are you on a cheap as chips, no frills contended symmetrical broadband service?

How much is your employees lost time costing your business each month?

Well that is fairly simply to calculate. Take the average weekly salary of your employees, multiply that by the number of employees who use the internet, then divide this by 12. Is the figure surprising?

If we take the average pay for an Office Administrator in Sydney, $46,428 per year, the weekly salary is $892.85. With, say 10 staff in the office, your business would lose $744 a month due just to save a few dollars on your internet.

So what’s the solution?

As a business-grade data broadband, Mid Band Ethernet provides super-fast network access for business, thanks to its symmetrical download/upload services. Unlike other forms of DSL connections, Mid Band Ethernet offers high-quality internet connectivity, without losing any amount of its download speed. This is crucial for any business that uses cloud-based services including hosted PBX solutions.

The reason why Mid Band Ethernet is so much faster than other DSL connections is because it bonds copper pairs into one, thus creating not just speedy but also powerful and flexible connection. In case one of the pairs fails, Mid Band Ethernet will not stop connectivity, allowing the business to function regularly.  Copper pairs bonded this way allow for high speeds, with our 20 Mbps symmetrical service a key offering in the market.

With our competitors providing cheaper, contended services, or substantially more expensive uncontended services, our Mid Band Ethernet provides an uncontended service, granting the user exclusive rights to this 20 mbps bandwidth. Not sharing this bandwidth with other users, our Mid Band Ethernet provides a consistent connection speed, regardless of the time of day.

So who is Mid Band Ethernet for?

For all businesses who have a cloud server or backup services, operating their offices using cloud desktops or cloud-based software, such as accounting software, Mid Band Ethernet is a perfect choice, as it provides ultrafast, dependable and symmetrical broadband connection with unlimited data allowance. It also makes our Hosted PBX services a key offering to reduce the cost of a new telephone system, with excellent functionality and low usage charges. Please contact Cable & Cloud regarding which of our Mid Band Ethernet packages would suit your needs the best, and reduce that lost time of your staff due to your poor internet connection.