We’d love you to join us for the BNI FACE HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE Group Open Day with our Keynote Speaker, Dr Nicola Gates from Brain and Mind Psychology.

Friday 9th October 7- 9.30am at the Shangri-La Hotel at 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks.

Cost $50 which includes breakfast. [ buy ticket ]

This is a networking breakfast where you can meet a host of new business contacts and connect with one of Sydney’s most successful business referral groups.


About Nicola Gates

Dr Nicola Gates is a registered health professional and neuroscience researcher, keynote speaker, author and consultant with over 20 years’ experience working with adults to improve their brain health, cognitive function and positive mental health. She combines neuroscience with positive psychology and mindfulness, translating complicated research and science in a clear and dynamic communication style with practical application.

The expression ‘if you don’t have your health you have nothing’ is very true. So imagine how you would fair if you did not have a healthy brain. This talk describes the neuroscience behind our daily choices that may promote or hinder brain health, and encourages you to invest in your brain bank by providing strategies so you benefit today and tomorrow. She describes complex medical research in an interesting and accessible way and tells stories along the way, motivating you to have a brain healthy life so you don’t lose your marbles.

Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset. An effective workforce is decreased daily by 5% to 10% because of physical and mental health problems. Protecting the Brain Bank is a practical funny and informative talk to reduce the economic cost of stress, mental health issues and depression. Participants will become informed, develop insight and be able to convert health knowledge into behaviour change so business can enjoy the optimal return on investing in their people.