Housing Affordability Report

Every quarter we receive a housing affordability report that is commissioned by Adelaide Bank and the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

As mortgage advisers we particularly like this document because it details the total number of loans taken out in each state. However, from your perspective we thought a summary of the affordability data would be useful.


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Mobile web or Mobile app? Which mobile strategy is right for you?

By now we all know the smart phone here to stay.  Most of us are searching the web, browsing websites and using apps on our smartphones regularly which also means our customers and our prospective clients are doing the same thing.  So with that in mind how do we take advantage of this opportunity?

Fact: Smartphones now make up 80% of all mobile phones sold in the US during 2013, while phone-and-text-only featurephones now account for just 20% of the market, according to Nielsen.

There are two main ways, have a mobile friendly website or have an app built, but which is the right way to go?

Lets talk mobile websites first.

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A guide to regular investing

Regular investing is the key to financial success. A small amount invested regularly can be more effective than larger amounts invested every now and then.

Starting early and saving regularly pays off

The first step to regular investing is to set a financial goal. Your goal may be to retire at 45, buy your dream home or pay for your children’s education.

When should you start your savings

The longer your investment plan is in place, the more time compound interest is working for you. As Graph 1 shows, Joe’s savings grow more quickly over time, generating more returns each year, even though the rate of return and amount he saved was constant.

The benefits of starting your program earlier can be best explained by comparing two investment plans.

Where to invest your savings

You may consider investing a portion of your money in growth assets such as shares and property. Growth assets can outpe Read more


Your most common question answered about weight loss…….How do I do it?

As a personal trainer, I get this question multiple times a day – always the same….how do I lose weight ?

Usually this is followed by what a person:

  • has tried before,
  • what worked for a while,
  • what didn’t work at all and
  • a tale about why they’re now in the same position or worse.

My response is always the same: “Why is it important for you to get lose that weight?”

Losing weight isn’t Rocket Science. In fact, it is the easiest solution from a mathematical or scientific perspective –  Just eat better and move more.

Sure, I use a detailed system to help people achieve their desired weight loss, but much more importantly,  the physical result is the feeling that motivates them. What is driving them to want to change? Why do they care, and is it enough for them to be ready to change? I help people because I know how hard it is to do it alone.

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