5 things you need to consider before developing

Let’s assume that you are the owner of a property – it could be a simple as a stand alone shop or warehouse; a detached dwelling; a rural holding; or a more significant property that maybe could be developed for a significant new urban development.

1. Be clear about what your goal is – what is the outcome that you want from carrying out the development.

Your goal will affect the type of development that you pursue; the strategy; and the amount of resources spent on the project.

For example, perhaps you want to improve the liveability of your own property. In this case, the goal is not so much about profitability. It is more to do with your enjoyment of your property and about self-expression.

In that case, you should speak with an experienced residential architect and ensure that they will check the town planning controls. But an important part of enjoying your property Read more



Not because she was inspirational. Not because she taught me the value of artistic talent. Because she had a bad day.

“Terrible effort Anthony. 2/10. Stick to maths.”

These were the words written in red pen at the top of my disgracefully painted primary colours artwork. I remember the smell of freshly brewed stencil paper (showing my age). I distinctly recall not caring one bit and doing a terrible job. But what I didn’t know at the time was that this throw away written comment – scribed by someone having a bad day & frustrated with a student who didn’t really care about art – would stick like glue. I didn’t have a clue that I was being conditioned.

I got really good at maths, and hated art. Then I made a life decision to start my own business and purposefully use art to demonstrate that we can change our beliefs and thus our behaviours.

So thanks Mrs Jamison. In a weird sort of way.


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Three Simple Steps to Print Purchasing Success

Some Tips for Print Buyers and

Three Simple Steps to Print Purchasing Success

Buying print can be bewildering for new players and there are a number of considerations and pointers that you should know when setting out. With the aid of this handy guide you will proceed like the pros.

Step 1 – Consider – why are you considering print in the first place?

Print is an excellent medium for reaching new potential clients and maintaining contact with existing clients. Data on Direct Mail for example shows a level of cut through that is impossible to attain with bulk email. It is almost impossible to drive down any main road without seeing posters and billboards advertising all sorts of products and services. These technologies are there because they work.

Have you ever attended a business meeting without business cards? That awkward, naked feeling of not being able to let people know who you are or being unable to contact Read more


Why is it nearly impossible for Business Owners to get Finance?

All Businesses need Vehicles to operate and some need Plant and Equipment.  Yet the financing of these income-producing assets leaves many Business Owners frustrated and exhausted.

Do you know how hard it is for Business Owners, and Self Employed contractors to get finance?  Sometimes it is the single most frustrating issue that Business Owners have to deal with (after lead generation).  But why is this the case ?

1) Bankers don’t really understand the financials, profit and loss, and balance sheets. Or how to analyse financials.  They just want to see 3 payslips from PAYE

2) Account Managers and Credit Assessors at the banks are not trained, or experienced enough to interpret the financials.  They do not have enough credit analysis experience

3) Banks provide zero service, and often a financing arrangement needs some discussion with the Bank in order for them to understand and apply market intelligence around the numbers.  However, success in get Read more


10 Reasons to use a “professional” property manager.

 1. Market Appraisal: A property manager will be able to give an independent assessment of the correct rent for a rental property. Many first time investors tend to overestimate the weekly rent they should charge resulting in lost income through a high vacancy rate.

2. Tenant Selection: Landlords need to make careful background checks on tenants to ensure that they will take a responsible approach to their tenancy. Selecting the right tenant is critical for a landlord because a good tenant will pay their rent on time and look after the property. A property management company will have access to information on people with a history of being bad tenants and also undertake a thorough background check on all applications.

3. Marketing: A property manager will also have a list of tenants who may like to rent the property. Many prospective tenants contact local property managers directly for information about properties for Read more


5 ways to Power yourself through a Presentation.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld used to tell the following joke: “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Death is number two. Does this sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better-off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

Here are a few simple tips to help you blitz your next presentation.

1. Ask yourself ‘What is the key thing I want the audience to remember/understand?’ Too often, speakers attempt to include everything they know about a topic and just end up overwhelming their audience. Less is more.

2. Once you know your key message, create a structure, in point form, to support it. For an average 8-10 minute presentation, think in terms of an introduction, three key points, and a closing summary.

3. Get passionate. Tap into your own meaningful connection to the topic by asking yourself ‘What lights me up about this subject?’ If possible, find a personal story that demons Read more

write a killer blog

5 Tips for Writing a Killer Blog Post

Why does writing a Blog put fear into people’s eyes. Most business owners get “writers-cramp” at the very thought of it. However, there are a few simple tips to get started, that are easy to implement and you can do straight away.
But the first rule is…..JUST GET STARTED.

1. Quick Fix. Organise your points in your blog by a numbered list of items such as: “10 ways to improve your marketing ROI” or “30 minutes a day to double your network in 30 days” or “2 Killer moves to kick start your online sales”. This process works well, and also appeals to the readers who are after a quick fix of content.

2. Bold Headlines. Be strong, in-the-face, and no messing around. A cut-through Headline is Gold. Busy people by nature are skimmers – and if they are skimming through their newsfeed, then the strong headlines that are well written and compelling, are going to get the most attention. Keep them sho Read more


What happens if you die without a Will

Most people don’t know the consequences of not having a Will. Unfortunately even young people die unexpectedly. If a person dies without a Will the beneficiaries of that person’s estate are determined as stipulated in the Succession Act. This may not be how the person would have left his or her estate if there was a signed Will.

Not to mention the stress and strain on the family or spouse, during a time of mourning. It would be highly distressing to deal with legal issues, bills mounting, and fighting bureaucracy all at a time when family would be feeling their most vulnerable.

Also it is more expensive and complicated to obtain a Letters of Administration in such estates from the Court for such Estates than applying for a grant of Probate of a Will.

I have often had to deal with intestate estates. My most recent one is for a young widow whose husband died suddenly, leaving three children the oldest of whom is only 13 years old. The husband was in his 40s an Read more


Which Month is the Best Month of the Year to Buy a House?

The Answer is: January 2014. And it is your time to make lower than usual offers!

Why ?

1) Unsuccessful Sellers – that have not sold from the end of 2013 have made the New Year’s resolution/ decision to sell and move on.The seller’s motivation is enormous at this time because their higher expectations earlier in their marketing campaign have now had a reality check by the real market. They have experience some time to be conditioned by the buying market and by their agent on the lack of interest and offers on their home, especially if they have been to auction and failed. There is even more pressure if they had bought a home the year before and are servicing interest in bridging finance.

2) Sellers committed to other purchases – Commonly, a reason why people sell late in the year is so they can move into their new home over the holidays, renovate if they need too, and settle the children in Read more


Want the Grinch to get to your staff? Put off your performance reviews

Call us the Grinches who stole Christmas, but sometimes we call Christmas the cranky season rather than the festive season. The city is busier than usual. People are all in a hurry. All those deadlines that have been lurking on the bottom of the to-do list for months suddenly pop up as equally urgent. It seems the holiday you’ve been saving up all year, can’t come soon enough.

Have we just made you crankier as well?

It’s about to get worse. Let’s discuss staff performance reviews!

If you deliver a poor performance review, or even worse do not deliver a review, there is a very big chance you’ll lose your staff early in the New Year when they’re refreshed and inspired.

To save you some of this pain we’ve put together a few tips that will make delivering these easier.

1) Have one. It seems that any conversation is better than no conversation – not that we’d encourage you to berate your staff. Read Read more