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How much time does poor quality broadband cost your business?

In today’s day and age, it is unacceptable for your business to suffer due to a bad or slow Broadband connection.

How Much Time Do Your Employees Waste at Work due to poor internet?

Recent research undertaken worldwide with around 8,000 participants, show businesses lose an average of 38 hours per year for each office worker due to slow access and downtime.

The days have long passed when the Internet was just used for web surfing and emails. Nowadays, businesses need to be constantly connected to their clients through different media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, so that they can strengthen their brand image and promote their products.  However, staying connected through social media platforms is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Internet actually has to offer. Thanks to the cloud computing and hosted service providers, businesses can now perform a myriad Read more



We’d love you to join us for the BNI FACE HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE Group Open Day with our Keynote Speaker, Dr Nicola Gates from Brain and Mind Psychology.

Friday 9th October 7- 9.30am at the Shangri-La Hotel at 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks.

Cost $50 which includes breakfast. [ buy ticket ]

This is a networking breakfast where you can meet a host of new business contacts and connect with one of Sydney’s most successful business referral groups.


About Nicola Gates

Dr Nicola Gates is a registered health professional and neuroscience researcher, keynote speaker, author and consultant with over 20 years’ experience working with adults to improve their brain health, cognitive function and positive mental health. She combines neuroscience with positive psychology and mindfulness, translating complicated research and science in a clear and dynamic communication style with practical application.

The e Read more


Signature Cellars

7 Reasons Why you Should Cellar Wine

Wine is a natural product and highly perishable too.  Exposure to light, vibrations, heat, fluctuations in humidity and temperature can spoil the wine. When you store wines appropriately, they will maintain their quality; what’s even more important is that as they mature, they will improve in flavor, aroma and complexity. The best way to ensure that the expensive and rare wines you buy continue to stay in prime condition, is to cellar them. 


The Reasons 

Here are 7 reasons why you should cellar wine. Let’s go through them in detail.

  • Organisation- Adding a wine cellar to your home is  the most effective way  of storing as well as managing  your impressive collection. To help create a well-catalogued collection, your wine should be stored in a manner that will allow easy viewing and quick access, which having a proper cellar enab Read more

Dig the well before you’re thirsty – Preventative health care with traditional Chinese medicine

In ancient China, people would pay their doctors when they were healthy. They would visit once or twice a month, be prescribed various herbs or acupuncture, and be on their way. When they became sick they would stop paying their doctor and increase the frequency of visits.

This is because the ancient Chinese understood the importance of preventative health care.

People do not just wake up with serious disease like heart disease or cancer. These diseases take years to develop and over those years the body gives you clues that things are not working well. These clues could be things of minor discomforts like indigestion or cold hands and feet, or a bit more debilitating symptoms like frequent colds and flues or insomnia. If these signs and symptoms are persisting they should be addressed, not ignored. These types of health problems are your body’s way of telling you something is not working correctly.

Traditional Chinese medicine has over 5000 years of developme Read more


How to make your home fantasy a reality!

You open your door, drop your keys into the basket on the sideboard, turn, hang your coat, kick your shoes into the cupboard and move through to your kitchen. Your feet instantly relax as they massage the luxuriously wide timber floorboards that feel warm and familiar under foot. Your fingers hook into the hand carved finger pull detail within your custom overhead cupboard and with ease you retrieve your wine glass and pour your merlot. The smell wafts around the glass as you turn and make your way over to your beautiful oversized lounge with duck down cushions. You take a sip and then place your glass on your hand crafted side table and lift your feet onto your soft leather ottoman. Your gaze slips out the window and over the dimly lit bay below. The sheer curtains softening the lights from the world outside and gently billow in the cool breeze. You feel the stress slowly tingle away as the ambience of your home sanctuary soothes your soul.

baxter + thrum can help to make y Read more


“Back to the future” – the Life and Death of Air-Conditioning

In the 1920’s a brilliant physicist, Albert Einstein was getting extremely frustrated with the amount of German family’s that were being killed by a new technology that was entering the family home!

The refrigerator had been a god sent for families in the 1920’s, for the first time in history of man fresh meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables have been able to be keep for extended periods in the family home without the need of ice being brought to the home every couple of days.  However this modern invention had a very nasty draw back that was killing families. The refrigerators use NH3, ammonia, yes ammonia as the refrigerant, it would leaked through the seals and the toxic gas would kill the family, so I’m sure you could see Albert’s frustration.  So Albert put his mind to work to come up with a solution.

In the mean time Thomas Midgley, Jr an American engineer and chemist was employed by General Motors to work as part of a team in their Frigidaire Division, Read more


Promote your business with hampers and reap the rewards

How do you say “Thank You” to your clients, with style, taste and without being blazingly obvious about self-promotion.

Hampers are an age-old solution, but one which has become a commodity of late, with cheap providers, and lacklustre outcomes…..Until NOW….

Hip Hampers – is all about putting “the HIP” back into Hampers.  Bespoke, Beautiful, Tasteful, and a Foodie’s Nirvana.

Hip Hampers is all about promoting Australian food made by boutique producers, assembled in beautiful and unique packaging making them ideal gifts for family, friends and business associates.

Hip hampers are designed for a purpose, whether to accompany cheese, compliment a bbq, making a great breakfast or something sweet for after dinner, the options are limitless.  Let your imagination run wild – and they will do it for you.  Provide the brief, and Hip Hampers will ensure that your customers response is WOW.

When your gi Read more


A closer look at Telstra DOT, is it the future solution for you?

With the NBN rolling out across the country, most business owners are still not aware of what this will mean to them, and their business telecommunications. For a lot of businesses, their phone systems will need to be upgraded or replaced. At Cable & Cloud we are replacing this with a low up front cost Cloud PBX solution. Telstra has started rolling out Telstra DOT (Digital Office technology) AS THEIR SOLUTION FOR SMALL BUSINESS. But is it right for your business?

We’ve recently compared a number of our customers and their average usage on their traditional service, compare to Telstra DOT and our Hosted PBX. Taking an average sized small business with 4 handsets, making up to 250 local calls, 150 National calls and 300 Calls to mobiles, each of an average 2 minutes duration. We’ve also considered the need for a fax line, EFTPos, Alarm and for line hunt on inbound calls.

We have included an ADSL connection with data. So here is what we’ve found, and what we’ Read more



I’ve fallen in love and I don’t know why.
I’ve fallen in love with BNI.
I knew from the start. It was plain to see.
That BNI was right for me.
Full of charming and witty and jolly souls.
All in one room to reach the same mighty goals.
Breakfast, tea and coffee galore.
My stomach it swells and my tastebuds they soar.
A referral here, a referral there.
Thank you’s flying everywhere.
We all want to gain but we more want to give.
Without BNI you have not lived.
Our president and committee all working in harmony.
I think it’s fair to say I love my BNI family.

Phoebe Griffiths | Producer and Presenter
CreativeCreations.tv | High-End Video Productions

(+61) 449 463 332 – 1300 364 447
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