Leadership Team

Leadership, Structure & Accountability

Even though BNI FACE meets every week for breakfast, this is much more than a casual coffee club. Our group is run as a business unit.

We have a Leadership Team, consisting of a President, a Vice President and a Treasurer, who run the structured weekly meetings and track the performance of the group. They are supported by a Membership Committee who determine which applicants are accepted as new Referral Partners.

For the group to prosper, we need active Referral Partners. All of our Referral Partners agree to meet certain standards, in terms of attendance, participation and contribution to the group and anyone who is falling below the expected standards set by the group is offered support and training.

Does this take time and energy? It does – but the rewards are clear and our focus is on making sure that everyone shares in the success of the group.

Our current leadership team is Maria Di Gregorio (President), Daniel Bligh (Treasurer) and Ben Hughes (Vice President).

Gaining Takes Training

Referral marketing is more important than ever in a marketplace that is crowded with advertising and marketing messages. Personal referrals have the power to cut through all that clutter, winning you business.

Training in the latest techniques gives us all an edge and none of our Referral Partners ever need to feel that they don’t know how to make a meaningful contribution – the training takes care of that.

BNI and The Referral Edge, a training organisation with great expertise in referral marketing, provide all our members with training. Every member has the opportunity to become an expert at giving and receiving referrals.