Core Values

Referrals – The Most Powerful Source of New Business

As members of BNI, our core values are centred on helping each other to succeed and prosper. On your own, you might have 300 contacts, but together, 40 business people have 12-15,000 – and we share these contacts, giving one another qualified referrals to new business.

Inspired by the philosophy, ‘Givers Gain’, we use the BNI system that provides tools and techniques which help us match our behaviour to our values of integrity, excellence, service, reliability and generosity.

Gaining By Giving

BNI FACE is an example of how creative, committed collaboration creates prosperity and builds wealth for a whole group of people. This is a vibrant community of businesses who rely on one another – and every one of us benefits.

Why Are We Called ‘Face of Business’?

To improve the return on our investment in each other, the marketing team within the group looked at our branding and realised we needed to refresh and renew it. We set out to express our shared value in the name. So, FACE actually stands for Facilitation Attraction Collaboration and Expertise.

Facilitation because the spectrum of businesses in the group means we can solve almost any problem a client or contact might have – and if we don’t have a member who can do the work directly, between us we know someone who can.

Attraction because the dynamism, talent, co-operation, generosity and good humour in the group attracts new members and new business.

Collaboration is central to this group and to BNI as a whole: instead of competing, we work together to help one another. Because we do collaborate so closely, building trusted relationships, we are very selective about the calibre of people we accept as members.  This means that when we refer one another, we know that each of us is completely reliable, trustworthy and extremely good at what we do for our clients.

Expertise because we recruit experts in their fields who know how to solve our customers’ and clients’ problems. We also offer our depth of business expertise and experience to one another, each one of us becoming a better businessperson as a result of our being part of this dynamic group.