Chapter History

BNI FACE has developed over the last seven years, since it was founded as BNI Prophets in 2010. As some of the original members moved on and the group evolved, the name was changed to express the ambition of the group to become a centre of excellence and BNI Go To Team came into being.

The newest incarnation of the group has taken it to a new level of professionalism and commitment from each of the Referral Partners (members). Guided by a decisive Leadership team, with the strong input of the Marketing Power Team, the rebranding of the group and this outstanding new website are tools to attract more business and increase the return on each member’s investment of time and energy. By collaborating so effectively, BNI FACE is now ideally positioned to grow the amount of business that is referred by the members and to grow the size of the group to the optimal number of around 60 Referral Partners.

BNI FACE – Where Business Goes To Grow