A closer look at Telstra DOT, is it the future solution for you?

With the NBN rolling out across the country, most business owners are still not aware of what this will mean to them, and their business telecommunications. For a lot of businesses, their phone systems will need to be upgraded or replaced. At Cable & Cloud we are replacing this with a low up front cost Cloud PBX solution. Telstra has started rolling out Telstra DOT (Digital Office technology) AS THEIR SOLUTION FOR SMALL BUSINESS. But is it right for your business?

We’ve recently compared a number of our customers and their average usage on their traditional service, compare to Telstra DOT and our Hosted PBX. Taking an average sized small business with 4 handsets, making up to 250 local calls, 150 National calls and 300 Calls to mobiles, each of an average 2 minutes duration. We’ve also considered the need for a fax line, EFTPos, Alarm and for line hunt on inbound calls.

We have included an ADSL connection with data. So here is what we’ve found, and what we’ve found is surprising.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.35.18 pm

Let’s not forget Telstra DOT is a 24 month contracted service, with Cable & Cloud you are on a month by month contract only, and you can either purchase your hardware outright or we can arrange low monthly repayments for 24 or 36 month terms. Our monthly price above, includes 4 Cisco 504G handsets over 24 month terms.

So is Telstra DOT the small business solution to take you into the future?

Peter Thrower
Business Manager

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